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Personal Trainer
28yrs Capoeira Experience
18yrs Personal Trainer
CM Rodrigo Fitness Regime
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You are not going to lear only how to play Capoeira, with time you are also going to learn how to play all Capoeira Instruments, learn the songs and probably some Portuguese as well... Lessons are between 70 minutes to 90min long. You can train as many time per week as your body let's you. You can train at home, local gym/club/hall and outdoors, any time of the day to suit you.

Lose Weight & Tone | Get Stronger & Leaner
Improve your Fitness, Stamina, Flexibility, Agility, Coordanation and learn something at the same time!

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Book Price
4 Sessions £56
8 Sessions £50
12 Sessions £46
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Small Group Personal Training
1x week 2x week 3x week
No. People Price   No. People Price   No. People Price
2 £45   2 £40   2 £30
3 £35   3 £30   3 £20
4 £25   4 £20   4 £15

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