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1) Phosphagem Elite

2) Muscle Armor

3) Phosphagem HP

4) Betagem

5) Precision Protein

6) ZMA

7) Creatine


1) Iso Drive

2) ISO Drive Sachets

3) Carb Loader

4) Myoplex Energy Bar


1) Multi-Blend Active

2) Thermo DynamX

3) Diet Capsules

4) Cla Pro

5) Precision Burner Light

6) Myoplex Diet

7) Myoplex Diet Bars

If you need more info on any of the products go to
EAS website.
Any thing you find at EAS but it is not listed here,
we can give you
20% to 30% off.

Before taking any supplements
you should
check with your
doctor or dietician.

Good Nutrition is the KEY to improving your performance, but even eating the best possible food is sometimes not enough instead of improving your performance you can find yourself in a performance plateau
or worse regressing!

There is nothing wrong in taking supplements to help prevent these situations as long as you follow the right advice ie. dietician.

For someone who pushes themselves to the limit in capoeira combining weight training, running, swimming etc...
supplements may be beneficial.

Are you feeling tired with no energy or strength?
Are you struggling to improve in training and suffering from regular cold's etc?

You've tried all the alternatives, a good nights sleep,
a balanced diet!

Maybe it's time to include supplements to boost performance!

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