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Prof. Rodrigo and 2 of his students together with BBCJam created a way for people to learn Capoeira.
You will be able to download Capoeira movements to you mobile phone and Ipods through the BBCJam Website.

Once again Channel 5 is trying to find the next supermodel.
As part of one of their challenges to became the next supermodel Prof. Rodrigo worked with four of the models from the house Sannait, Marianne, Luke and Waz. It was a very intensive Capoeira training for them.
Channel 5 run 2 consecutive years of The International King of Sport. There were contestant from all over the world in this big TV Program.
Prof. Rodrigo was one among them, representing one of the most vibrant countries in the world Brasil!
Prof. Rodrigo won 3 out of 5 events a superb achievement. His best event was the Pool hang where he defitted the previous King of Sport Champion, and set the new world record, hanging from a bar over a Swimpool for over 3 minutes.
New WomanNew Woman


Prof. Rodrigo designed a Fitness routine for Newwoman Magazine. Using Capoeira movements which they called The Brazilian fat buster.
All the positions used by the model were also instructed by Prof. Rodrigo.

Prof. Rodrigo passed the audition for NIKE's Photoshooting.
There were over 40 Capoeiristas candidates presents.
The photo was used in one of Nike's Catalogue.


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